The Beast Beside Me

After a murder threatens to expose them, Angus leads his wolf pack across the country. When they settle in a place where he harbors bucolic childhood memories, Angus meets Hunter, a handsome, human barista. Can he keep him safe from his bloodthirsty ex?

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The Beast Within Me

The pack’s roots are buried beneath the dunes... Ama Chilton is the matriarch of the Wharton wolves: unfathomably old and impossibly strong. But, she wasn’t always Angus’ packrat granny with a penchant for muumuus. After the bloody end of both World War II and her relationship, Ama Chilton abandons the Big Apple in search of what she’s never had: a wolfpack, a family.

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Proud (DC Pride Book 1)

Proud is a 67k full length mm romance novel, the first in the DC Pride series! It is a super-hot standalone and contains absolutely no cliffhangers. Will and Jesse are total opposites, and their fake relationship causes a whole lot of trouble! Watch out for daring cat rescues, crazy ex-boyfriends, scandalous dancing, and a stunning drag queen bestie.

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Out (DC Pride Book 2)

Out is the second novel in the DC Pride series. It features a new couple and can be read as a standalone. There is plenty of angst, a bit of lovely fluff, nudist neighbors, sassy cousins, family drama, apologies and new beginnings, and one very cute baby.

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The Space Between Us

Care: The moment I set eyes on Alex, I knew she was the total package: hilarious, smart, and somehow innocent and hot all at once. I admit it: I wanted her bad. But I like to keep my options open, play the field. And sleeping with my roommate? A really, really bad idea. I’d screw everything up, and I need Alex like I need breathing. Keep the space between us, hands off—and then I’ll never lose her. So when my new boss and mentor wants a torrid love affair? I can’t resist. Even if she wants to keep us a secret, even if she’s terrified and I’m in over my head, it’s better than losing the best thing. The only thing—Alex.

Alex: Care is sin personified: intoxicating, addictive, sensual. There’s a different girl in her bed every weekend, and she can’t keep her hands off of the doctor who heads up her internship. Not a great idea, but that’s never stopped Carrington before. I want to tell her that I know all of her broken pieces; I see the things that no one else does. But she’s too wrapped up in breaking her own heart to notice all the things I want to give.

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About Me

Beau Lake is a tattooed, blue-haired, queer romance writer skulking around the mountains of Virginia. She is very happily married and lives with a menagerie of children (2), dogs (3), and plants. Her current hobbies include digital art, social/animal activism, and screaming into the void. Mostly the latter. She is passionate about ending greyhound racing in the United States and worldwide, and shares her home with a retired racer named River. Other favorite activities include listening to true crime podcasts, staring at empty Word documents while having existential crises, and asking herself “What Would Stephen King Do?”   Beau writes both traditional and horror/supernatural LGBTQIA romance. Werewolves are her favorite because they have sharp teeth and even sharper personalities.


For business inqueries please reach out at And you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.